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Wet Felting Workshops

Wet Felting workshop Dates 2022

Hope Jacare Needle-felting packs

Hand-dyed fabrics and fibres, batts and creative elements for 2D and 3D felt-making.

Needle-Felting packs and accessories

Hope Jacare 2D/3D Needle-Felting workshops

2D/3D needle-felt workshop

Mixed Media Textiles workshop dates

mixed media textiles workshop details

Hope Jacare

Hand-dyed fabrics and fibres to inspire creative textile artists.

Vintage finds and up-cycled elements to incorporate in mixed media creations.

All ranges in shop can be found Here

Hope Jacare Creativity packs

We find vintage and new treasures to combine with hand dyed elements into inspirational packs that we hope will inspire your creativity.

Creativity packs

Hope Jacare hand-dyed silk

I love to dye silk fibres and fabrics, both new and vintage. We normally carry a range of hand-dyed and natural silk top, lap, hankies, caps, brick, noils, filature, de-gummed cocoons, mulberry cocoons, eri cocoons, threads, yarns and various weights and textures of fabrics. These are all great for adding texture to felt-making, spinning and embroidery.

Hand dyed silk

Our very own "Hope Jacare"kits

From years working as a designer for greetings cards I have a huge range of designs that I wished to try as needle-felting kits. Also keen with many of them to add on extra embellishment through stitching and beads.


Current work that I am exploring.

I am thrilled to have been awarded a Creative Scotland grant to further explore the work i started for the "Elements" exhibition at the Barony, Craft Town Scotland this year.

2d into 3d

Stitched Stories

A community arts project that started on The Isle of Arran and has travelled worldwide so far to creatives in 24 countries. We hope you will join us in 2022 - seasonal snippet roll challenge

stitched stories

I sat last night opening your parcel and even though it was things I bought it was still like opening a mystery box. Each item is truly beautiful.

Nicola Banner

The colours and textures are fabulous, loads of ideas going round in my head.

Janet Sims

The kit is absolutely beautiful, I am really looking forward to doing it.

Caroline Lawrence

Pick'n'mix available from studio or online £1 per item or 6/£5

Hope Jacare Studio 117 Main Street, West Kilbride, Thursday- Saturday 11am - 4pm. Closes Thur 23rd Dec at 4pm until Thur 6th Jan 2022.

A different range of packs are available from studio than website. Packs can be brought from home if you are visiting if you let me know 24hrs before.